Gary Wollin

Gary has worked with Douglas Beaman and Associates since 2005, providing training in a wide variety of topics. Douglas Beaman and Associates became the Wollin Group in 2014. The majority of these classes address HVAC topics; currently he is teaching four different on-calendar HVAC classes for PG&E's Energy Center in Stockton. Topics include: Manual J Principles with Wrightsoft, Manual D Principles, Manual D with Wrightsoft and California 2008 Title 24 Change Out Rules. Other topics for other organizations include: Building Diagnostics and the entire curriculum for CHEERS Provider organization. Gary's down to earth, but organized training style lends itself perfectly to contractor training and his class evaluations reflect the participants appreciation of his skills and ability to help them understand the subject matter. Gary has helped write curriculum and develop various different classes over the years including being the lead developer for a four day residential auditing program. His HVAC knowledge, training skills, and excellent contractor relationship will all combine to enhance this program.

Other biographical information: Worked with an international organization from 1982 -2002, from 1992 in Europe primarily Hungary, trained construction methods and project planning. Trainer and project manager for 110 projects (Non Residential, including 3 projects that transitioned former military usage to civilian non-residential usage, one of those projects included residential space of ~50 apartments, commercial kitchen and dining, with laundry facilities, office spaces). Worked in El Salvador for two months training moisture and waterproofing to locals. Headed the moisture and waterproofing departments in New York for nearly 10 years, included in this was construction forensics and trouble shooting. From 2003 - 2005 ran a private company in Washington State. Commercial LEED AP Resnet Certifiied HERS Rater (Kansas Building Science Institute) Northwest Energy Alliance Certified Rater with Washington State CHEERS Rater, Trainer, Quality Assurance BIG Rater BPI Multifamily Analyst