Micah Seierstad

Micah is the owner of NRG Solutions and NRG Calculations and has been in the energy field for 13 years in various capacities. Also experienced in public speaking on a large scale capacity. His experience includes work as a trainer for Douglas Beaman Associates and as been involved in training ACCA Manual J, Manual S and Manual D. Secondary Instructor for Title 24 Code courses. HERS Rater, NRG Solutions Conducts numerous HERS Ratings and Energy Audits for a number of clients, both residential and commercial. Title 24 Energy Consultant, NRG Calculations Works on new homes and both residential and commercial remodel projects. Construction Project Manager, (CA RBC-12) Coordination of the planning and building of Nonresidential projects from inception to completion. Involved in several nonresidential construction projects per year. Qualifications Currently holding certificates for: Building Performance Institute Auditor (BPI) CalCERTS: Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS I & HERS II)