Building Energy Science I- Advanced Air Sealing

Welcome to the HERS Advanced Rater Training Class- Building Energy Science I- Advanced Air Sealing. This course begins with discussion of safety protocols, provides details on combustion safety testing and other diagnostics, including performing blower door tests and evaluating their results. Air leaks and infiltration spots are detailed and conventional air sealing steps are explained. Major air sealing priorities are examined, details are provided on insulation installation with air tightness and the ventilation requirements are covered. Performance after air sealing and pre and post sealing Infrared Thermography tests are examined.

Example training videos showing how to perform blower door tests, describing air infiltration control, detailing how insulation works and demonstrating procedures for quality insulation installation are provided in separate lessons.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand proper use of a respirator when performing air sealing work
  • Understand and demonstrate how to perform a blower door test and evaluate the results
  • Identify typical air leak and air infiltration areas in a home
  • Understand Insulation and Sealants and how to perform air sealing measures
  • Provide details on importance of ventilation in conjunction with air sealing
  • Understand the basics of a thermography test

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