Welcome to HERS Advanced Rater Training

The HERS Advanced Rater Training Program is your source for advanced HERS concepts, current building science, and industry updates essential to your success. The home energy rating industry in Southern California offers significant opportunities for informed, educated HERS Raters. This training program is open to currently certified HERS Raters, Building Analyst, Building Envelope, Building Inspectors and Building Performance Contractors in Southern California. The curriculum will address technical and administrative elements of Home Energy Ratings, and will cover both current issues and upcoming changes.

CLEAResult is partnered with the Wollin Group and Building Media, Inc. to provide low or no-cost training to building professionals including certified raters.

NOTE: Online registration for classroom training closes approximately 48 hours prior to the day of class. If you would like to register, please e-mail: Kathleen.armstrong@clearesult.com.

November 27-December 1, 2017/ SCE Irwindale - "Building Energy Science with MI-BEST (Mobile Integrated Building Energy Science Training)"

MI BEST (Mobile Integrated Building Energy Science Training) is an innovative series of classes offered over one week which provides HERS Raters, HVAC Contractors, and other building professionals with hands-on training in use of Blower Doors, Duct Testers, Flow Hoods, Flow Grids and other measurement tools required for current code compliance inspections. Students will have the opportunity to learn in a modular and portable "house" with two complete HVAC systems and typical mechanical ventilation and exhaust systems found in residential construction. It is possible to take all or any of these classes offered during the week.

Each class in this series may be taken individually. The series is conducted over 5 consecutive days.

Equipment Calibration Event - SCE/Irwindale - November 28, 2017

 In conjunction with the launch of the new "Building Energy Science with MI-BEST (Mobile Integrated Building Energy Science Training)"

This evening session will feature free equipment calibration . Attendees will have the opportunity to check HVAC, blower door and duct tester equipment calibrations. Instructor Gary Wollin will show attendees how to apply the principles for calibrating digital thermometers, refrigerant gauges (P/T) and pipe clamps used for checking pipe temperatures for both the liquid and suction lines. For more details, see the description of the event in the class list.

Enrollment is limited so please sign-up early if you plan to attend.